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We host –

  • Reiki Clinics acknowledging persons SERVING.
  • Master Teachings ~ Reiki Natural Healing, and more
  • Musical Healings
  • Cancer Healings
  • Clinician-Healer Initiation for Healthcare Providers
  • Women’s Circle, and other One Earth Family Gatherings
  • Human-i-Teas

Programs formed

  • Mastery of Reiki; 9 Apprentices
  • Initiation at each level.
  • Blessings / Singing / Piano
  • Global Grandmothers Healing Movement
Cultural Healings
  • Apology to Chief Seattle’s People, the Duwamish.
  • Formed the “Declaration of Common Human Decency”.
  • Visit and support: MAHER ASHRAM- PUNE, INDIA
  • Grandmothers’ Letter to Putin to “Stop the bombing!”
  • Support given to individual leaders in their ‘highest death’.

Programs Forming

  • Global Healing Corps. Fed by Elders. Moved by Youngers.
  • H20 – Healing and Housing for Others. A big drink for humanity!
    • Building in a Light-filled, and Community-minded Way.
    • We have 4 builders adept at this arena, three Women owned.
  • Clinician-Healer
    • A non-residential community, meeting each of 4 seasons – engaging the HEALER * TEACHER *SPIRIT HOLDER * LEADER archetypes.
    • Ongoing soulful community for doctors, nurses, healthcare providers.
  • Musical Mantras; guided inner journeys; morning verses to rhythm.

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