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I gave this Reiki Healing Advanced Initiation at the Greek temple: Ancient Healing Amphitheater.

Starting in the 1990’s, I had the great adventure of bringing the first Reiki trainings to Athens, Greece. Dimitri, who I met in Seattle, literally took what he felt was ‘the first massage table back to Greece – to be used for Reiki Healing’. We were definitely opening new territory.

These classes, primarily with Greek students, absorbed me for 13 journeys there in four years!

The man in the middle chair was a great scholar of the history and art of Greece. It was an intriguing experience to attend the museums with him and have him literally bring statues and art pieces alive!

I’m so grateful and look forward to getting to visit my Healing Family in Athens and the islands once again! Definitely a root of world culture to be taprooting our Meta-Society in formation at this very moment.

This kind of Eldering is a part of the intent of Grandmothers Global Healing Movement. My great joy as a Grandmother-Healer is to bring about healing, gathering, and peacemaking to individuals and to cultures.

By the way, would you like to receive healing from me or Sacred Initiation?

Ask me about how this could impact your life and your authoring of yourself and your service to fellow humans and our Earth as a Whole.


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