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The very core of this Grandmother’s global healing movement comes through the voices of the land or Indigenous. It warms my heart greatly to have both the depth and the specific application of healing to be accepted by my Native sisters and brothers. The third Rainbow Reiki pod just this last weekend was four devoted individuals – three Native American strong women and one young force for good. Ryan Vogel welcomed us to initiate in his home and temple of light. Thank you, Ryan, we are so blessed.

More practical projects are emerging – aimed at making a weaving between our Native tribes and us. I’m beginning to move closer to the tribes I already know and bridge to many tribes expansively. 

Your monthly support gives me the practical security I need to answer these opportunities that occur several times a week now. You are all in the weaving of this quickening time and you are beautiful. Your medicine is needed to make this woven bowl truly water-worthy. Thank you again so much.

I value and welcome your comments, questions, and further participation. 

Much love and hands together, 

Norma Jean

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