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These two letters tell a story covering a large blanket of healing and service. It started rather upside down with a global focus close to the beginning of my service as a Reiki Practitioner-Master.  

? Dear Donald Letter – April 16, 2020.pdf

? City Council Letter – 9-23-20.pdf

The Backstory:

Dramatically begun, the Reiki House  on the edge of the Central District of Seattle served to host Reiki treatments and classes before I was even a teaching Reiki Master…begun in 1984. 

I brought Reiki Masters and Phyllis Lei Furumoto, the Grand Master of the Old School Reiki Lineage, to The Reiki House at 31st and Jackson. The cabbies used to say, “Oh yeah! That place on the corner that has the Monday meetings!” Our healing circles on Mondays grew to 43.  We had a room in silence and a room for talkers.   

I was initiated as a Reiki Master in 1985 after three years of Apprenticeship directly with Phyllis Furumoto. I met Dimitri who took me to Greece to “open up healing through Reiki”. He said he was taking the “first portable healing table to Greece” and then hosted my healing classes for 13 trips.  Whether or not ‘the first’ was absolutely accurate, it was very much a ground-breaking opening.

I began teaching Reiki in 13 countries: Greece, Denmark, Holland, Indonesia, Germany, Switzerland, Greenland, Japan, Cyprus, Malta, New Zealand.  In those days of traveling and teaching, I thought, “If I can introduce all the young people of these countries to each other…this will assure that they will never ‘fire on each other.’

World peace and harmony in the One Earth Family has definitely been a key theme for me. Thus, the letter to Donald Trump.  I was very frightened to circulate it – and have not.  It has been read by many leaders, especially Women Leaders. I wrote it, but it seems someone else’s work to catalyze its delivery – if this is its destiny.  I hope someone will take this as their contribution. This could be a major unifying force for our divided country – right now!


I’m thrilled that the teamwork of my healing student, Andra Heath,  and I has brought us to work with our mayor and other Change Makers in a Citizen Soft Circle of Care and Concern. Thus the letter to the City Council of Mount Vernon. May this inspire other communities in similar action.

Thank you! Your contributions as Patrons of Grandmother’s Global Healing Movement support me in doing this! We are truly moving with “Hands Together”! Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!

High Praise.

Deep bow,

Norma Jean

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