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Dear President Putin,

We are the Grandmothers Of the World.
We are speaking for the babies and children, the People, and the Land ~ Of Ukraine now ~ and also the entire world.

We say,
“We know you can do better than this.
Stop the bombing.
Stop it now!
This will be upheld as a wise & noble act – done by you and on behalf of the Russian People.
You will assure a higher status for your country and high praise for your action as their leader.
Do it now.

We are backing you in this action – and we are Everywhere.
You have everything to win by doing so.

Stop the bombing!

Join hands with us, President Putin, in bringing the best future possible.
We are the Wisdomkeepers Of the majority of People on Earth.
We need you to join us now.
We need you to stop the bombing.
Hands together,”

Norma Jean Young

? Copy of Putin Letter.pdf

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